Search Engine Ranking Optimization

Search Engine Ranking Optimization or Search Engine Optimization and is an integral part of any Website Design Plan.

Why do any of us need Search Engine Ranking Optimization?

The importance of seo is often overlooked or relegated as being important in the short term but it needs to be considered at the planning stage before the website plan is implemented if the long term internet goals of your business are to succeed. Most websites are generally well constructed and suffice for the information they need to impart. They can look really good but when it comes down to it, how does anyone find it? We want, and need, people to find what we have spent so much time and effort constructing.

There are only three ways you can get your website noticed by your target audience.

• Firstly, if they know the name of the url of your website, and they type in this url to the search engine they will easily find your website. This is great but limits the searchers to those who know your details or brand name.

• Second. Most often when people are searching for a service or product on the internet they will type in the words for the answers they are seeking, such as “Child Care Rotorua”, with child care as the service they are after and Rotorua as the location of the city they are living in. The search engine will provide a page of results that you can choose from and if you do not like what you are seeing you can go onto page 2 and further to find something that appeals. The majority of people, over 90%, do not move to page 2 and will make a choice from page 1. So the second way to get noticed is to be on page 1 of the search engine results. Now as Google is the most used search engine we often refer to the term as being on page 1 of Google. The other really popular search engines are Yahoo, Bing, etc., with these being pushed by YouTube which makes videos for websites an integral part of website design plans.

• Thirdly, you can pay to advertise to be on the front page of Google where you will be noticed. This can be an integral part of a marketing plan but needs to be cost effective. The downside is that once the money is spent on advertising there is no residual benefit to your web presence. Search engine ranking optimization is the method used to get your website in front of customers when they search for your products and services on the internet. This has to be planned by researching what your potential customers are searching for on the net, again the example “child care Rotorua”. This is known as a keyword and conveniently Google makes statistics available for us to use as research, so we can see how may people are searching for the keyword “child care Rotorua” each month.

We then evaluate this keyword’s popularity and competition to ascertain how attractive or difficult it is to compete for and providing it meets the criteria we set, we apply SEO techniques to try and rank our website for this particular keyword. The process is involved but can be likened to popularity on the internet. We are trying to look attractive in Googles eyes and have links from other websites back to our own. These links must be quality and be constructed over time for maximum strength and to avoid punishment from Google who does not like spam. Building quality back links will result in long term gains as these back links can be likened to solid blocks in the framework of a website that will provide a good foundation that will last and help build a strong dominating web presence. Search engine ranking optimization or SEO is an investment into your website that, if planned and implemented correctly, will provide you with a dominating presence in a particular keyword or group of keywords. SEO is an integral part of a long term strategy to ensure your website works!