Off Page Optimization Checklist Search Engine Ranking Factors Online

Many people just start their blog, article and many more that have operate their website for a while. They are unknown about online search engine ranking factors even don’t know what is SEO and how it works! SEO just stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is where you build your web pages and perform particular techniques to help you get ranking higher on search engine result pages (SERPs). Your pages can rank higher results pages on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. SEO can be separated into two different categories­­ On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO means everything that you can do straight OFF your website for the purpose of increasing your site’s position in the search engine rankings. This technique is a lot more than having backlinks through other websites, although having backlinks absolutely performs an important purpose. You’ll find other off page search engine optimization strategies like social networking, forum & blog marketing, article submission, directory submission etc.

Importance of Off-Page SEO?

Search engines are already trying for many years to find a solution to returning the best results to the web researcher. For doing that, they look at the On Page SEO elements, some other high quality factors and off page search engine optimization checklist. Off page SEO provides them a great clue about how the World (other users and sites) see the specific website. A website that is valuable is almost certainly going to have back-links (references) from another website; it’s more probably to have brings up on social media sites like Facebook likes, Pins, tweets, Google+’s etc.. Also, it is more probably to be getting bookmark and social sharing between online communities of like-minded people.

Benefits of Off-Page SEO

The successful off-page SEO strategies will bring the following benefits to the website owners:

Boost Search Engine Ranking – Your site will get higher ranking in the SERPs and will bring more website visitors.

Increase Google Page Rank – Google Page rank is a number among 0 to 10 which Google indicates the importance of a site in their eye. This system was invented first by one of Google’s founders named “Larry Page” and one of the factors that Google was so happy in displaying the most relevant and appropriate search results to the web searcher. Google uses about 250 factors to rank a website and today Page Rank is only one out of them.

More exposure – Greater exposure achieves higher rankings because if any website gets more visits, more social media mentions, more links then it ranks in the higher position ultimately. It’s like a endless sequence of activities where one thing contributes to another and so on.

Important: Off-Page Strategies have to be done after successfully completed the On-Page SEO.

However, today we will analyze specifically about Off Page SEO and some effective Off Page SEO Factors in order to boost your website’s page rankings on search engines like Google, Bing etc.

1. Social Media Sites

These days Social Media is bigger platform than ever! Occasionally called “Online Reputation Management”, getting connected with social networking sites is the essential stage that you simply start to promote, market and create site’s popularity within your area of interest. To achieve this benefit you should register with typically the most famous and popular social media sites, like; Face book, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and so on, and signup to create your own profile there. Ii will enables you to expand your online community of connections to interact and connect with friends and family, to sharing everything together, and most significantly advertise your company/website and help develop your online status. It is most probably just like the Web 2.0 sites(Participatory Web), and that means you have to provide your effective participation regularly. If you are unclear how you can utilize the facility of social media then you are recommend to go through the head of to to read beginners guide to social media then you will be able to learn the advantages of social media marketing. Additionally, Matt Cutts recently stated social signals aren’t using in terms of website ranking although defined another reason to consider social media:

2. Blogging

Another best technique to market your blog/website through Blogging! Simply by creating a blog to your site, you provide a great content/reason for site visitors to keep their time for your website and keep your post updated with latest topics. Additionally, it helps search engines to crawl your website regularly, as they must update your most current blog/topics, that eventually helps your site on the top position of search engine results pages (SERPs). Your blog should produce and include a great deal of relevant, unique and rich content like; How To Tutorials, Infographics, Top Lists, Viral Videos, Relevant Tutorials etc. Try to make sure to be concise and clear in whatever you are attempting to instruct to your audiences within your page content, don’t twaddle. Best practice is to promote your blog you should submit it to blog search engines and relevant blog directories. In case you’re unable to write a great content for your blog/website, then you could hire a professional blogger or a content writing specialist to post your blog. Ask to the professional to write relevant and unique rich content in order to gaining more credit of your blog through a search engine perspective.

3. Blog Commenting

Search for blogs online within the relevant niche like yours, go to comments section and leave a good and unique comment. This comment section can be enable you to create a link . These links will then be crawled by search engines and will help you to point them towards your website. These kinds of blogs are called “Do-Follow Blogs” (The same as our blogs, where user can leave comment!).

4. Forum Posting

Search for your website’s niche related forums on the web and create an account to be a member of that forum. Make a reply to the forum threads, give answer to peoples questions, provide suggestions, advice and tips etc. These will help you to progress your reputation as an individual who’s a specialist within that niche. You can use “Do-Follow Forums” ror your site’s well reputation and also to enable you to add a link with your website within the signature field, that will helps search engines to crawl your website.

5. Social Bookmarking

Here is another effective way of off page seo is Social Bookmarking, today some people ignoring social bookmarking sites because they don’t know what are social bookmarking sites and how to work with these sites. Search engines always like these sites and visit them frequently because these site’s content are updated regularly (in Web 2.0 it is frequently known as Folksonomy & Taxonomy). Delicious, Digg, Propeller, Stumble Upon, etc. are popular bookmarking sites today. Just go there and complete a few social bookmarking submission in that sites. During social bookmarking you should be very careful (don’t use any tool to perform this operation) and must be put the appropriate tags correctly that are most important to publish your news online. Increasing of your website visitor depend on how successfully you’ve took part.

6. Directory Submission

“Directory Submissions are Dead” some people may stat that. But as much as I know it is still well living. It is mainly depends on how efficiently you are choosing those directory sites and how effectively you are selecting the category to submit your site. Obviously, I acknowledge that it provides some late results, however it is performing usually. You are highly suggested to submit your sites to the most suitable quality directory sites such as: Yahoo Directory, DMOZ, Zoom Info, Pegasus, One Mission, etc. Currently a lot of web directories offer paid listing service, but it is not essential to buy such service.

7. Search Engine Submission

Eventually your site will be catch on search engine’s eye on the web, but it may done after some time. In order to get faster result, you have to submit your site to the popular and famous search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

8. Link Baiting

A different powerful strategy of marketing your website called “Link Baiting”. If you publish a genuinely popular relevant and unique post in your website, then some people may want to create link to that post. You probably have published or copied content from another website to yours, don’t ignore to put their site link/URL as a reference. Get it done for other people, but if your website content is trusted, let other people done it for your site. It is an additional off page SEO strategy to improve your link reputation.

9. Link Exchange

You may exchange your site links with service-related sites (it also normally known as Thematic Link Exchange) which may help improve your link reputation, that is an important factor of Page Rank algorithm of Google. Avoid Black-Hats method while performing link exchange work.

10. Cross-Linking

Create link with your internal pages of your website where need (it also knows as Internal Link Building). This will increases popularity of your internal link. Cross-Linking is really important aspect of Google’s Page Rank algorithm. Wikipedia is the best known instance of effective internal linking. Additionally, try to obtain a content link from another sites/blogs that are relevant to your website. Try to get a link from their website content by use a target keyword as anchor text (such as Wikipedia). We all know that these techniques are frequently difficult to carry out, but these kinds of links convey more weight through a search engine perspective.

11. Photo Sharing

Have you used any of your own images or photos on your website? You’ll be able to share them on most of the important photo sharing sites such as: Photo Bucket, Flickr, Picasa , etc. Many people should be able to view as well as comment on these photos, preferably following a link toward your website.

12. Video Promotion

Does your website contain video clips and have you used them on your website? Well, then the same as photo sharing system, you can submit those videos to video promotion sites such as; YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, Twitch, etc. enabling users to find your site content in alternative methods.

13. Business Reviews

Visit popular business review websites such as; Shvoong, Rate it All, Style feeder, Kaboodle, etc. request your followers/friends/clients to write a review on your website or write reviews about others businesses there.

14. Local Directory Listings

Based on your website’s category, you may find that listing in local directory sites might be useful/helpful. Maybe you have a blog/website advertising any local business, consequently listing your site locally in place of international to struggling with hard competition, to make sure search engines can certainly see your site and get the site content, will be superior. You will be benefited by reaching a targeted users. You are suggested to submit your site to such websites like; Yellow Pages, Super Pages, Google Local, Manta, Yahoo Local, Maps, etc. The times of mass link purchase through low-quality spams, or paid directories are nicely and really dead; but some directories with periodical discernment still carry weight(mentioned above). Thomson Local and also carry good link value as well as community business resources like Council directory of local businesses. Most of these directory will help with local business citation to help local search ranking but this is important that they will help prospective customers to search your business, and that is the key reason for a business directory in the 1st place!

15. Article Submission

Find popular and important article directory websites such as; Go Articles, Articles Base, Now Public, Ezine, etc., write articles yourself or hire any article writer specialist and then submit them to there. This way you can increase your site visitors, whilst it’s also possible to achieve some backlinks to your website from other users (but it’s typically a slow technique).

16. Social Shopping Network

It is a good advertising strategy for e-commerce website. If you have an e-commerce site, then advertise your website or products by submitting it to social shopping networks for free. By posting your website or products to such websites (Yahoo Online Shopping, Google Product Search, MSN Online Shopping, and other popular social shopping networks such as; Style Feeder, Kaboodle, etc.) you improve the probability of people who are searching for those products online that you are promoting through your site.

17. PR Submission/ Press Release Submission

If you are a business owner then don’t delay, go for Press Release submission in well-known and most popular Press release sites such as; NPR, Open PR, PRNewswire, PR Leap, maskable, 1888pressrelease, news vine, etc. These strategies will help you to promote your business in online.

18. Classifieds Submission

Do some free classified ad posting to market your business/website for free of cost. You can try Backspace, Craigslist and similar important classifieds websites like Myspace, Kugler, Vivastreet, iMadespace, etc.

19. Answer Questions

You can positively be involved in answering questions websites such as; Yahoo Answers, etc. Placing answers and asking appropriate questions as per your website category, you help to develop your website’s reputation as somebody that’s a professional in your chosen subject. You’ll be able to create a link to your site in the source section if needed so that users can find your website easily. This is a better way to improve your link popularity, if they don’t suspect you as spammer.

20. Document Sharing

Advertise your website by sharing your website documents just like information brochures, business documents, and slides in Slide Share, Google Docs, etc. It also a good technique to brand your site.

21. Directories Submission (CSS, W3C & RSS Feed Directory)

This strategy is especially for the website owners who offer web design services or related to web design. If you have such website or service, then submit it to CSS and W3C web directories. This may get visitors to your site. Additionally, submit your site to RSS feed directory sites it also may help you to increase site visitors.

22. Widget Development

Produce some innovative and interactive widget/gadget apps (i.e. an online game or poll widgets) in your site and publish the widgets on your website or blog or in another popular and common social networking communities such as; Myspace, Facebook, Twitter. Allow your friends/followers and others play/use/vote the widget/apps, which will help you enhance your branding and increase site traffic.

23. PPC Ad Campaign

I think this is the last step of off page SEO strategy. If the above strategies do not work for you, then choose your targeted keywords, search for best PPC sites, start a PPC ad campaign. Don’t forget it you have to pay to the PPC sites to get more visitors towards your website.