At SEO India Inc We Promise Results

Internet is continuously evolving with an increasing number of people making purchase decisions online. A good online presence is crucial for business success, it can greatly enhance a business’s brand, reputation and profits. In our experience we have seen small businesses double and even triple incomes by ranking high on Google and other search engines. We offer a complete online service with FREE bonuses that are themselves worth thousands of pounds.

‘All-in-one’ SEO Master Suite Features – 7 power modules included

The ‘All-in-one SEO Mastersuite’ is perhaps the only complete SEO package that includes everything you need for online domination. Everything about the service reeks of quality – right from the awe inspiring designer website creation to the power packed SEO campaign. What’s more, it even includes ‘free video spokesman’ offer – a walking, talking real guy who can introduce your business to your online visitors just after the page loads. This is THE deal guys. Let us handle your online presence in a way that will leave you proud, happy and successful. Don’t have a website? No problem! We can design that for free. Walk in with nothing but an idea and we will provide you with a complete online presence and visibility. Have a look at the 7 modules included with the ‘all-in-one SEO Master suite’. No half measures anywhere – we leave nothing to doubt! We can work on a revenue share program if you don’t want to pay per month. We can work on this arrangement on a mutual trust basis and keep things simple.

SEO India company offer

Core SEO & Marketing Campaign Module

The Core SEO module plays a big part in getting your website ranked high in the search engines. It is a completely ethical white-hot strategy that can potentially get almost any lower to medium competition keyword to the top and keep it there. We do all sorts of work such as on-page optimization, off-page optimization, article marketing, social network chains, social signals and more than a dozen other activities to help rank and drive traffic to your website.

Premium Press Release Module (Included)

Press releases provide exposure and recognition for a brand or business. With our press release module you get into some of the top online news and media portals – which could enhance trust in your business and create an authoritative presence online. Please know that unlike other seo agencies we provide professional press release writeups and syndicate to the premium press release outlets.

Premium Partner Web Properties Module (Included)

We also offer external partner web properties that are also termed satellite pages. Satellite pages are quality content on other premium sites that talk about your service or something related to your service and drive additional visitors to your site. The way these differ from other link sources are that these external pages themselves are high quality and are also optimized to rank for long tail keywords concerning your niche. For ex – if your business/main site is about ‘selling flowers’ – the partner pages could have quality content that talk of “how to choose flowers for your boyfriend” and another on “how to choose gifts for your girl” and will each have a ‘call to action’ link or button to your main site. Now since these pages themselves will be seo’ed as part of our service, you could get genuinely interested visitors to your main site which could mean additional business and better online presence. Awesome, isn’t it?

Video Creation and Promotion Module (Included)

Everybody loves videos. A good video can get across your point in a direct and compelling manner. You can give us a script and we will not only produce the video but will also syndicate and promote it to the top video sites.

Free Designer Website Creation (Bonus)

We have seen some businesses with great vision and great products sporting websites that are pretty ordinary. Your website is the identity of your business online – and an elegant functional website is crucial for its success. We offer all our customers FREE premium web design services because we believe a good website is crucial for both SEO and sales and as SEO providers we feel responsible. We will design and host beautiful designer websites for you.

Free Web Hosting & Security (Bonus)

We offer you website design for free, now lets add the icing to the cake by offering you not only free web hosting but also security from online threats. We will keep your website live on our servers and also continuously monitor the health of the website. We do this for free because we we realized a lot of our customers did not want the hassle of one set of providers for seo and another set of providers for other aspects of having an online presence. So we offer everything under one umbrella.

Free Video Spokesperson (Bonus)

Now this bonus we offer is going to totally blow your mind. We offer all our customers a video spokesperson for FREE. Don’t know what a video spokesperson is? Click here to see a sample. I am sure you will agree that a video spokesperson on your site can greatly enhance visitor experience and you can truly get the point across to your visitors the way you actually want with some of the smart actors. Please note that this FREE offer is only available for those who subscribe with us for a year in advance.